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This is my favorite time of year for good deals to be had, because you can find them just about everywhere. From the price of food at the grocery store to the best deal in data for your phone line, great deals are all over the place. But the deal I'm talking about today is the new Sprint Family Share Pack that's available for up to 10 lines with 20GB of shared data!

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The best part is – you don't even need to have 10 friends or family members to fufill the deal. You can have as little as 2 active lines on your account – and share the 20GB of data between the two of you! I'm always careful not to stream much video on my current plan because I worry about data overages – but with 20GB allowance per month, I wouldn't have to worry quite as much!

Drumroll…. Do you know how much it costs? Only $100 whether you have 2 lines or 10 lines – With 10 people on the plan the only difference is you would be sharing the data plan across 10 people – but your portion of the bill would be a whopping 10$! You can't even get a pre-paid phone for $10 a month. Or if you are a family of 4, with 2 heavy data users (aka kids) you can rest at ease that your bill won't be an ungodly surprise at the end of the month.

Not completely convinced you should give it a shot? Port your phone number over to Sprint and they will help you buy out your current contract with a $350 prepaid Visa card! Can't go wrong 🙂

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