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My favorite type of drink is anything carbonated. There’s something about the pop and fizz of that liquid when it hits your tongue that is so satisfying to me when I am really thirsty. To me, it feels like heaven! Since most carbonated beverages are usually laced with sugar or worse – high fructose corn syrup, a good healthier choice is straight up water. Canada Dry Sparkling Water  has a few different flavors that I decided to give a try when I spotted them at Walmart the other day. I used a coupon I got from the Walmart website to get both the $.75 and $1.75 totaling $2.50 in savings. The retail price on a 6 pack is $2.98, so you do the math! Totally worth it, if you ask me!

I was happy to see that they were re-closable bottles with a cap rather than a can that you can’t re-seal if you just drink half. When it comes to cans, I have a bad tendency to open one, drink half and once it looses fizziness, I dump it and start a fresh one because I can’t stand a flat drink when its supposed to be fizzy. I have better chances preserving the fizziness when it comes in small bottles such as these.

Adding sparkle to my day with Canada Dry #cbias #AddSparkle #shop

So when I got home with them, I first chilled them down in the fridge, because nothing adds more sparkle to my day than a COLD fizzy drink. Happiness comes to me in small doses, so for a little extra sparkle I decided to slice a lemon in half and squeeze in in for more zing. A little garnish never hurt either! ­čÖé #AddSparkle

Adding sparkle to my day with Canada Dry #cbias #AddSparkle #shop

I decided to go with 2 kinds of flavors that sounded most appealing to me, which is berry and lemon. Straight up non-flavored would be great to add juice to, but that just didn’t sound as good as the flavored ones did at the time of purchase.

Plus knowing that i’m not consuming a sugared carbonated beverage adds some personal achievement sparkle to my day. It feels good to know that I spared my teeth for just one more day.

Adding sparkle to my day with Canada Dry #cbias #AddSparkle #shop

Above all else, my favorite way of adding sparkle to my day is trying to keep my tummy from feeling so sick. Being pregnant with #2 has left me with few choices to eat that won’t send me hurling. A nice, cool glass of Canada Dry Sparkling Water helps settle my stomach when I’m feeling ill.

Reasons why I LOVE it:

  • Re-sealable so it doesn’t go flat as quickly as cans
  • Flavored to suit your personal tastes
  • Add a splash of fresh citrus for extra zing
  • Portable!
  • …And best of all – All-natural and sugar free

How do you add sparkle to your day? Feel free to share what makes you tick – I’d love to know!

Learn more about the lineup of Canada Dry’s products on their website. #CollectiveBias

Adding sparkle to my day with Canada Dry #cbias #AddSparkle #shop




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