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It feels like it wasn’t very long ago that I was pregnant then shortly thereafter I had a baby, then a toddler… Somewhere along the way my baby has now morphed into a child. Now he talks in full sentences, eats full sized meals and no longer uses a diaper. When I stop to think about it,  I can’t believe how fast time flies!

Sometimes I live though his excitement over small things because its so infectious and fun to feel his joy & enthusiasm. Even though they are usually small, he has so many dreams and goals for a child his age. His newest desire is a typical summertime goal – He would like to learn how to ride his bicycle without his training wheels. #CelebrateEveryGoal

Since we’re spending more time outdoors these days, practicing riding his bike, I picked up some children’s allergy medication from Walgreens. Ironically,  I found it on the “Celebrate Every Goal” end cap with a bunch of other great products.

Celebrate every goal with Walgreens #CelebrateEveryGoal #shop

I loved that Children’s ZYRTEC® comes in the form of a dissolvable tablet! I decided to try one before I gave it to JP because he’s so difficult when it comes to administering meds on him, and I wanted to see what it was like incase he put up a fight.  It tasted sweet and reminded me of those little chewable candies you get at halloween called smarties. But shhhh – I didn’t tell him it was medicine! I told him it was candy and he believed me 😉

Celebrate every goal with Walgreens #CelebrateEveryGoal #shop

I’m so proud of my boy! Almost every night, we spend some time pedaling up and down the sidewalk in front of our house so that he feels comfortable with just one training wheel attached. We are working towards taking that second one off soon… But it’s so hard to let go – he’s still my baby!

Life is full of small accomplishments and I can’t wait for him to realize that he CAN really achieve his goals when he tries hard enough. This is such an important life lesson that he’s learning.. That smile alone tells me that he believes in himself, and I couldn’t ask for more.

Celebrate every goal with Walgreens #CelebrateEveryGoal #shop

Did you know that you can be awarded 3000 points on your Walgreens balance rewards card when you purchase items 15$ or more from this end cap? Celebrate your summer goals with Walgreens! #CollectiveBias

Celebrate every goal with Walgreens #CelebrateEveryGoal #shop

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What a fun goal for this Summer! Yes, my kids have to take their allergy medication as well to go play outside. #client

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