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Laundry is by far my least favorite household task of all simply because it’s never finished. Even after every scrap of clothing is washed, there’s always towels and bedsheets and once those are done, there’s a hamper full of clothing again.

And it just repeats.. and repeats. See why I hate laundry?

So that being said, I’m always looking for laundry products that help make my life easier. Have you ever heard of BIZ before? If you are not familiar, it’s a stain fighting product, and after giving it a try I have to say it’s a pretty darn good one. I had never heard of it before, so I was excited to see what it could do.

Biz contains more stain fighting ingredients than the average brand, and helps eliminate stains you wouldn’t otherwise expect to get out. Allow me to demonstrate….

I let my son eat his pasta dinner using my brand new biz laundry sac as a placemat. I expected him to make a glorious mess, because we’re still working on proper table manners and using utensils.

So now that I had tomato sauce ground into the fibers of my bag, I treated it as directed on the container…

Then I ran it through the laundry…..

And it turned out as good as new! I was so pleased with the results simply because i’ve laundered clothing before with tomato sauce on it and sometimes it can stain. I’m certain that if it can handle cleaning fabric soiled with tomato sauce, it can handle anything! What do you use on tough stains? Will you try BIZ?

Find out where to buy Biz in your area to give it a try – also try this coupon to save $1 on Biz!

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