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We have a tiny little elf that lives in our house… 

He hides behind furniture, travels through our vents and watches every single bad thing we do and reports it to Santa – atleast that's what we've been telling JP.

This is the easiest time of year to get him to listen and comply…

…. If you don't finish X, then the elf will tell santa a bad report!

…. If you don't go to bed, then the elf will tell santa a bad report!

You can immagine how the list goes on – It's almost as if it's become my universal threat for everything now! It's so effective, but there's only 1 reason behind it…

He has asked Santa for 1 toy this year….

Even though my darling baby is only 4, he is pretty much convinced that Santa will bring him a Wii U™ if he is a good boy. It's a good thing Walmart offers layaway!

Over the course of the summer, we did alot of indoor activities because I'm afraid we'll both melt under the Texas sun. So we turned to Nintendo for amusement because Nintendo was my source of entertainment as  a kid during the fridgid Canadian winter. JP loved playing with his little DS, and he espeicially enjoys his Summer Olympics because it includes all his favorite characters (Mario, Luigi, Sonic…) etc. 

 photo MarioOlympicslogo_zpsc3c5ff64.png

Of course, timing is perfect! Since we loved playing the Summer Games on the DS, it's highly possible that I will purchase this one for the Wii U™. 

Santa thinks that he may have been a good boy after all!



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