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Four year old boys have got to be the sweetest – but have you ever tried sharing a bathroom with one? Mine is no exception, with his projectile mouth-rinsing, bath time crayons and his attempts at aiming correctly. To say the least, keeping a bathroom looking spotless can have it’s challenges when you have small child, period.

I’m giving our guest bathroom (which is also JP’s bathroom) a mini-facelift, and part of it is a new sink faucet by Moen. This is the faucet we started with – the plain, standard faucet with no frills…. Also known for water spots, hard water crust and finger prints. It does the job, but it’s just not pretty!


Since JP’s bathroom also doubles as a guest bathroom for when we have visitors, it’s important to me for it to look clean. When I learned of the new Moen Boardwalk 1-Handle bathroom faucet in Spot Resist from Lowe’s, I immediately knew that I wanted to try it out because spot resist finish repells finger prints AND waterspots. That’s a comon problem with the current standard faucet we have installed – it’s always got those awful white spots, and I always have to buff them away. It would be nice to not have to worry about cleaning that mess!

It’s not a very large space, so there’s not much to change on a small budget except for decor accesories, fixtures and a new coat of paint. I can’t wait to replace the mirror and light fixture and finally pull it together! I’m getting ahead of myself though, today I’m just sharing the new Moen faucet. This is what I have in mind for my overall bathroom update:

Modern Boys Bathroom with Moen Boardwalk Faucet in Brushed Nickel

I was a little intimidated by installing a new faucet – I’ve never done stuff like this before! So my dear father-in-law volunteered his help in guiding us through the process. He has been a homeowner for decades, so he’s well versed in tackling home projects such as this. I was shocked at how easy it was – once the old faucet was off, it was as easy as changing a lightbulb.

When I opened the box and looked at the finish, I was in LOVE – It really is spot resistant! The whole installation process took less than 20 minutes, once we got the old faucet off.

The best part about this faucet is how it actually REPELS water! It just beads up when you pour water on it, with no marks or smudges left behind. This is truly the most amazing faucet – especially for those of us who can’t stand seeing fingerprints or spots.

I’m so in love with my new Moen faucet – I can’t wait to update the rest of this bathroom to go with it! Be sure to Like Moen on Facebook to be the first to hear of any special offeres or giveaways.


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The faucet really makes a huge difference! Did it take you long to get the old one off? When my mom and I tried to replace hers, I couldn’t get the old one to budge, and we had to call a plumber.


It wasn’t too hard, although my husband did most of the work.. We just needed a tool to unscrew the fastenings that held it on – luckily, we had one on hand! The rest was cake.

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