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One very nostalgic item I purchased last month while visiting my hometown with JP, was a package of what are known as ‘copy books’ from the local store. It really is nothing that special, it is simply a book of blank lined sheets with 3 ring binder holes, for writing in. But  to me, it’s a symbol of back to school mixed with the desire to be organized for the school year. I don’t know why – but I was drawn to this typical back to school item just because I can’t get these particular ones in Dallas, where I live.

It was one of those spur of the moment impulse buys and I thought I could put them to good use in getting myself organized. So when I received these brand new BIC Atlantis pens®, I knew exactly what I would use them for! 

The package even has a nifty little hole so you can feel the nice soft grip..

I was so excited to try these new BIC Atlantis pens®,  and the antipation was totally worth it! The ink rolls out of the pen like butter and it’s a pleasure to write with them. Between the pens and the copy books, i feel like I’m heading into 10th grade again! Only difference now is, instead of math, english, chemistry and geometry I’ve got cooking, cleaning, child-rearing blogging as my main subjects these days.

Regardess of the subject I am working on, these pens make writing a pleasure! Find out more about BIC® and their BIC Back-to-School offers on their Facebook page.






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