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A long time ago, sometime around the year 2000 or 2001 this adorable kitty stole my heart with her piercing green eyes as she looked at me helplessly from the crate she was being carried around in. I had no idea what taking care of a cat was like, but I quickly learned about the best natural products available to keep her happy, and one of them is Fresh Step litter.

Right now, Sam’s Club is offering the Fresh Step litter you see below – but with a special offer! From September 9th through October 31st, you will be able to claim double paw points when purchasing the new Fresh Step litter. Paw points are used to redeem all sorts of wonderful things for your kitty – fnd out more about it on their facebook page!


Just like Cookie, my Coquette is often found at night, curled up beside me on the sofa keeping me company. So to keep up with the times, I thought I’d try and take a cat bearding pic of me and her together.

My attempt at cat bearding didn’t turn out exactly as I’d hoped, but by the 4th shot she wasn’t exactly thrilled about getting her picture taken anymore – E for effort!

We love the new Fresh Step kitty litter! #ClubFreshStep #CbiasEven though she wasn’t very happy with me at that particular moment, I’m pretty good about keeping her happy the rest of the time with Fresh Step cat litter. Fresh step has changed their formula, and it is now made with both carbon and plant extracts to keep foul odors at bay. We made up when I broke out my twine and played string with her!


So what’s so great about it, you ask? Well, for starters, Fresh Step is now making their litter with natural components, neutralizing odors with essential oils and it clumps hard so cleanup is easier to deal with. Best of all, the odor absorbing properties also act as a way to keep bacteria growth to a minimum. That’s huge when you have a little one crawling around the house!

Be sure to visit Fresh Step on Facebook so you can be the first to hear about special offers from them!


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Awww she is a beauty! Makes me miss having a kitty!


We use this litter too! It’s great! Cute kitty!


What a beautiful kitty!


Your kitten is so adorable! #client

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