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We are so fortunate to live in a town where there is 'one' of everything as far as stores go. It's nice to be able to cherry pick which stores are having a sale or which one is accepting a special coupon when grocery shopping. This week, KRAFT products at Dollar General are having a special promotion – click to access the coupons available, and download the one that suits you.

Some of our favorite lunchtime items are what's available right now, and it couldn't have better timing with back to school just around the corner. Try packing a CAPRI SUN Big Pouch or some LUNCHABLES UPLOADED Lunch Combinations to create an easy, quick lunch when mornings are hectic.

School will begin again in just a few short weeks, and as much as I'm going to miss having my little friend around the house with me, it will certainly help us in achieving family schedule that we can actually adhere to…! Plus it will be a whole lot quieter around the house during the day!

Don't those look yummy?! It's a recipe found at the KRAFT products at Dollar General site. You can easily make these sweet refreshing treats using KOOL-AID LIQUID and blended strawberries. It's a perfect answer to ending a perfect summer, don't you think?

KOOL-AID LIQUID can also have so many other uses from the traditional drinks they were intended for – like using it as a food coloring in baking or even in the crafts you create…The possibilities are endless!




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