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There’s some things in life that you can go without and there’s some that you never run out of needing on a constant basis. Toilet paper and paper towels are that ‘thing‘ for our family, so it never hurts to buy the ginormous bulk pack if need be. I did just that the other day when shopping for some household items.

Scott Shared Value #ScottValues - http://www.behindthestudio.com

I was really excited to accept this opportunity to tell you about the 4$ Vudu coupon, not only for the great offer they are having, but because Scott paper towels are the best in value for their price on the shelf. I really, really hate buying overpriced paper towels at the rate in which we use them in our house. I’m always on the lookout for good coupons and offers for them, because the next worst thing next to overpriced paper towels are cheap, useless ones. By useless, I mean the fact that they don’t absorb messes when they occur – isn’t that the whole reason behind a paper towel? This is why I choose Scott paper towels for our house, they offer the lowest price for quality paper towels! Similar to when I’m buying trash bags, quality goes a long way.

Scott Shared Value #ScottValues - http://www.behindthestudio.com

The Vudu coupon was a huge bonus too! Usually, I notice these types of coupons because it’s always so apparent on the front of the package. I almost missed it, but luckily I managed to find it !

Redeeming was really easy – all I did was followed the instructions on the back of the coupon, and done! 4$ towards your next movie purchase or rental at Vudu.com. At first I was tempted to get a cartoon for JP, but instead I thought a nice, funny movie for the hubby and I would be perfect. I’ve wanted to see this movie since it came out in the theater – only we’re parents who don’t get out very much, so this brings light as to why we think this movie is so funny!

Scott Shared Value #ScottValues - http://www.behindthestudio.com

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This is 40 is on my list too. I agree with you, there’s not point in buying cheap paper towels if they don’t work.

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