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The very first time I discovered who and what the Cooper Tire company stood for, I was so impressed with the good reviews I heard that I went and bought a whole new set. This was many moons ago, when I used to drive an itty-bitty 2-door Volkswagen Golf with a stick shift. By far, it was and still is my all-time favorite car because I had so much fun running around town with it when I was much younger.

Why am I telling you all this? Because, all that aside, the biggest reason I bought Cooper Tires for my car, was because I lived in Blizzardy Canada where there is snow on the ground for a good part of the year. Driving in winter conditions can be so nerve wracking, so it became very important to me to have good traction and control while at the wheel of my car. This used to be my everyday road trip story, but now that I live in Texas, it's a whole other story now. Do you have an everyday Road Trip story to tell? If you do, it might be able to win you a chance to receive FREE gas for an entire year! Be sure to check out the contest details here – Cooper Tire's My Every Day Road Trip Contest.
Cooper Tire is also offering its fans a chance to win a Road Trip Kit just for voting during the My Every Day Road Trip sweepstakes. Beginning April 15, fans can vote for their top video to help determine the overall Cooper Tire Facebook video winner. For each vote (one per day), fans will automatically receive an entry to win a Road Trip Kit. The prize pack includes several items to keep them on-the-go, including a $100 Cooper Tire auto service voucher, a $50 gas card, $50 iTunes gift card and Cooper gear.
Visit Cooper Tire’s Facebook page for complete contest and sweepstakes rules and submission guidelines. 
Or try submitting a video for your entry… Like this one! Video, photo and story submissions are accepted March 1-29. Voting (for an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes) begins April 15. Good luck!!!


The top written story will win a $100 gift card to use toward gas for one week while the highest rated photo entry will receive a $500 gift card to use toward gas for one month.

The top five video finalists will each win a new set of four Cooper tires and advance to the final phase of the competition. In the final phase, Cooper Tire Facebook fans will be encouraged to vote for their favorite Every Day Road Trip video, to help determine the final winner. The video with the combined highest score and most votes will be awarded a gift card for $5,000 toward gas for one year to fuel their daily drive.

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