I’ve written a few times over the past few months about my adventures in potty training, and it’s had it’s difficult moments at times. Since we have finally mastered the ‘daytime’ part of it,  as for nighttime training, it’s still a whole other story – which is why we continue to use Huggies Pull-Ups training pants.

I was excited to have the opportunity to talk about the Huggies brand, since I have been a loooongtime user. I began using Huggies when JP was about 3 months old, right after he had the worst case of diaper rash from using a different brand. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the switch, as it’s been great on JP’s super sensitive skin. JP has a skin condition called eczema, and it causes him to get itchy rashes all over his body – least I can say that using Huggies Pull-Ups training pants has kept some diaper rashes at bay.

He loves the Pull-Ups learning designs because they feature his favorites – Mator and McQueen, something I’m sure all you boy-mommas are made painfully aware of. #HuggiesWalmart

Huggies Pull Ups with Learning Designs

Now in our case, the problem is not about the act of pottying – he does that perfectly fine with minimal help. It’s the act of getting dressed afterwards is more the problem.

Something tells me that it’s just because he’s at home and comfortable with his surroundings, which is why I think he skips the part where you pull up your pants afterwards.

I must say that velcro sides on either side of the diaper are extremely tough! They can withstand JP wiggling his entire body into them by him, so I think they can handle anything. I think it’s awesome that the Pull-Ups are having a hand in helping him learn how to dress!

“I do it, mama!” JP insisted, even though he already had a diaper on. I just let him go – it’s all about learning, and part of that is learning how to dress yourself.

Huggies Pull Ups with Learning Designs

Huggies Pull Ups with Learning Designs

Huggies Pull Ups with Learning Designs

I was able to find these Huggies Pull-Ups Learning designs from my local Walmart store. I even ordered them online, paid with paypal and picked them up on my way home from taking JP to pre-school.

Huggies Pull Ups with Learning Designs

Super easy!

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Awww! What a cutie you have!! My daughter also loves her new pull-ups. Fun times!


What a cutie pie! I love that he is putting on the Pull-Ups himself! Too cute!

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