I love how JP’s little personality is beginning to take its shape at the tender age of 3. Sometimes, he will for no reason at all, come up to me and wrap his little arms around me and say, “I wuv you mama” and there is nothing in the world that is better than that. Except maybe the occasional funny things that you least expect.

Take for example this – I was sitting in the driver’s seat, parked in the driveway and ready to go somewhere when I realized I needed to look at the map on my phone first. With my foot on the brake, I idled for a minute while I pulled up the info I needed. A voice chirps up from the backseat,…”Moooom….Cmon! let’s go! Why we stop?”

“Just a minute, JP – I have to check something first.” I answer him, not paying much attention or giving him much of an explaination.

We sat in silence for the next few moments as I scrolled through my phone, with my thoughts focused on finding the address I needed, when I heard his little voice pipe up again, only it wasn’t directed towards me this time.

“Hello Santa Claus…? I peek in the rearview mirror just to see what’s going on and he has his sponge bob toy firmly planted to his ear, as he continues on.

“My mom not listening..” he continues, “Bring no makeup!”

For some reason, he thinks that cosmetics mean the same thing to me as toys mean to him. Maybe it has to do with the time I bought a bunch of E.L.F cosmetics, but I don’t know. The point is, it was hilarious because that’s been my universal threat for everything these days.

“Santa is watching…”

“Santa knows when…”

“Santa doesn’t like that…”

Now as of lately, my threats sound more like,

“You better pick up all these toys and put them away or I’m getting Santa on the phone right now” I say sternly, as I hold my mobile up high, “I will call him”

It’s amazing how well that threat works – I might as well use it for as long as I can! Despite all the Santa drama, we ended our day with some yummy ice cream! He was thrilled!

What a perfect Tuesday afternoon 🙂

JP and DQ ice cream


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