Did you have a good weekend? We did!

We finally finished decorating for Halloween, got us some pumpkins, played outside on our swingset and baked an incredible sour cream chocolate cake -which I plan to share with you later on. It finally feels like fall is upon us, I love the cooler weather!

Here’s a sneak peek of my fireplace mantle:

It’s also finally cool enough for me to enjoy being outside playing with JP – I much prefer to bundle up and be slightly cold than to be too hot. For me, there’s nothing worse than the feeling of sweat beading up on the center of your back and dripping down.  Heat doesn’t seem to faze JP, he will play out there until sweat runs down both sides of his face, whereas me – not so much…

So we took full advantage and played outside for a good long while. Here he is with one of his favorite toys – a foam rocket launcher from the dollar store! Don’t judge, but I always value a toy’s worth by how long it occupies my child. The foam rocket launcher totally outdid the switch and go dinos he once received.

Then all of a sudden, he appears in front of me with his hands tucked behind this back and he tells me he has a “prize”. He hasn’t quite figured out that the full word is “surprise”. Then with smiles and giggles he holds up the “fower” he picked just for me. Little boys are the sweetest thing ever – I’m so proud to be his mommy!


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Looks like you all did have a good weekend. Love the smile in that first photo!! Your mantle is beyond adorable. And how sweet of him giving you the “fower”. Love it. Boys are so great!!
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Great to meet you Crystal!!

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