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Remember that time when I was looking at lamps for JP’s room when I was redecorating it? Yep – it’s that awful story of me kicking myself for not buying the perfect lamp when I saw it sitting on the store shelf.  It really was love at first site, because I really regretted not buying it. Sadly, when I went back to buy it – it was no longer there! Moral of the story? I learned that if I like something and you think it’s really something extra special, unique and within your budget, why not buy it?

Easy to say, but we’re not all millionaires! Wouldn’t it be nicer to pay a little bit at a time until you can finally have it? Sounds like something worth looking into, especially with the holiday gifts season around the corner.

Kmart offers free layaway, and not only just for christmas season either – they have their layaway program active  all year long. Kmart has alot of good reasons to use their layaway program, just see for yourself!

Kmart Free Layaway Grid 09_12.jpg

One of the things that works out well for me is the fact that I can set up my layaway online, pay little by little, and pick them up instore in a different state! Between christmas gift giving and travelling, I can’t even begin with how awesome that is! Usually, our family heads to Florida to visit my snowbird parents for the holidays.

Since I live in the Dallas area, there isin’t even a Kmart within normal driving distance, but because I expect I’ll be in Florida later this year, I think it’s the perfect way to still be able to buy gifts for everyone, without having to pack it all in my luggage or rely on a shipping carrier.

I’m definately going to do some early christmas purchases this year, and I will start early by putting a few things on layaway online with Kmart. It’s easy to choose when I’m surfing with JP around.. He likes to climb up in my lap and look at the toy section page as I scroll through up and down. Yes – that can be dangerous!!

He picked out this – (Yes, he’s still in love with those vtech dinos, and now he wants the big one)

Vtech Dino

and this…


and this too..


“Santa bring it to me?”, he asked me with his big brown eyes amazed and full of wonder. “I be a good boy!” he smiles and says proudly. Translation: this is his not-so-suttle way of saying I should buy said toy for him. “Santa will bring it for you,” I tell him gently. “BUT – you need to be a good boy.. He’s watching…” He smiles and nods in agreement. I love 3 year olds – They’re so simple and sweet!

Either way, the earlier I put something on layaway, the more chances I have to be entered into the Kmart’s Big Layaway Giveaway. I’m soooo looking forward to Christmas season this year! Do you think Online layaway can help your travelling family this year?

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