There’s so many opportunities around the web to earn some cash, and recently I just discovered a really FUN way to do it! If you already use a smart phone, you gotta try this! You have to start off with downloading the Jingit app available for iphone and android. It’s super easy to sign up – it’s free and in just a few clicks you can sign up using your facebook profile. You can sign up here, or directly onto your smartphone here.

Pretty simple, no?

Now in order to start earning real money, all I have to do is watch the ads and answer the short survey at the end. So easy! And then – Cha-Ching! anywhere from 10-30 cents will be deposited into your account. You can even earn money while shopping in-store and online when using this app! All you need to do is scan the item using the Jingit app on your smartphone, and they’ll deposit into your account for your valuable time for providing feedback for the company. Don’t quit your day jobs though, there is only a maximum of 10$ a week you may earn. You can expand your potential earnings by inviting your friends, and make up to 15$ a week.

It was fun to search out what I could scan at my local Wal Mart from the confines of my living room with my feet up! I always make a mental list before I plan to go shopping the next day, so this really helped in making some choices!

How do you use this money, you ask? Well, Jingit offers a nifty little debit card, much like paypal does to offer you the funds you have available or you may donate the money to your local public school.. Your choice! Learn more about Jingit on their website. #jingit4edu

I must say, I’ve never been out shopping and making money! I think I like this! Better hurry, because the fun ends on Saturday when the partnership between Jingit and Box Tops ends.

Using the Jingit app, I checked in and earned some cash! Woo hoo! Of course, I can never make it out without visiting the toy section!


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