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When I was a little girl, I loved my dolls – it would equal hours and hours of un-interrupted fun and make believe play. The only thing was, back in the 80's, there weren't a whole lot of brands to choose from. I only wish they woulda had all these brands when I was little! I used to have both Barbies and JEM dolls, but that was it as far as choices for girlie dolls.

Today's a different story, there are tons of brands to choose from when it comes to girlie toys, and the newest ones that have caught my attention are the lovely Winx Club Deluxe available at WalMart stores and online.

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Sooo, what are Winx, you ask? They are the most darling little girl faerie toys out there! Picture a fashion doll crossed with a faerie and you have what is known as Winx – the new hottest little girl toy around. Complete with giant, colorful butterfly-like iridescent wings and cute little interchangeable outfits. When I checked online, it looked to me like alot of these things were out of stock – which can only mean one thing…. They're hot and everybody wants one! I'm gonna have to snag a few of these for Santa, just incase he runs out of any at christmas time!

You don't even have to part with your hard-earned money to enjoy Winx either – the landing page for Winx Club Deluxe at WalMart has plenty of eye candy to keep your little princess busy for hours with their free downloadable coloring pages and videos of these dolls in action. Be sure to check Walmart, both instore and online for their full array of Winx products, Your daughter will thank you!

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