Ever try using Walgreens to fill your presciptions?

I do. All the time! Walgreens has been our pharmacy for years – for both me and my husband, and now JP too. Its nice to have a central place, close to the house to pick up meds for everyone in the family (and complete refills online!). But what’s even better, is that the new prescription savings program finally makes it affordable for me to buy JP’s hydrocortisone cream when his eczema flares up.

JP has had eczema problems ever since he was about 2 months old. His entire body would break out in a rash and he would dig at himself from the itchiness. His pediatrician prescribed some hydrocortisone cream, but I almost fainted when I had it filled at the pharmacy – I was not expecting a 70$ price tag on a tiny little tube of cream. I managed to get a few applications out of it.

Before I found out about this program at Walgreens, I was lucky enough pull my resources together and get the cream I needed for him through my family members living in Canada – because it only costs them a whopping 3$ for the same medication. Frustrating, huh?

Here it is – All 70$ worth…. Tiny, huh?

My to my delight, while shopping at Walgreens the other day, I found out that JP’s cream is listed as a value drug!


So I immediately plunked down the cash for a family plan because I will definitely take full advantage! It won’t be as cheap as 3$, but atleast it’s affordable enough that I can just go get it when I need it. They gave me my very own temp card, until they mail me one. #rxsavingsclub

We browsed around and waited while our prescriptions got re-filled.. We found all sorts of goodies!

Like some Aquaphor – which is a great non-steroidal product, I use alot of this too to help treat eczema!

…an adorable donut dog bed for Cookie…

…And some nail art stickies – which are great btw! I didn’t think these would last more than a few days, but mine have been on for well over 10 days and they still look great!

and I couldn’t make it out of the store without having to look at all the toys..

By that point, I heard my name over the loudspeaker and it was time for us to go!

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Wow! I can’t believe that little tub is so expensive! I’m glad that you’ll be able to save on it!

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