We’ve all heard that infectious theme song on TV… Those adorable blanket/toy combination called CuddleUppets!

“…They’re cuddle-cuddle uppets, blankets that are puppets…”

Yes, that song.

Before we recived one, JP would see and hear the ads on TV but he didn’t appear to care for one. Nothing personal, but JP already had his beloved blue “football” blankie (a plush boa blanket from Carter’s). I didn’t think anything could replace it, So I never considred anything for a blankie replacement except maybe another one just like it.

Much to my delight, the nice folks who make CuddleUppets sent us one to try, and I was proven wrong! Similar to how women see the need to have 65 pairs of shoes, a child (or mine, rather) sees nothing wrong with having another ‘something’ to add to his already huge collection of toys.

When the blanket arrived at our house, I pulled it out of the packaging and announced “JP – look, you have a new blankie!” I said to him excitedly.

A long pause goes by as he stared at the yellow dog blanket sitting on the kitchen table.

“Look..” I show him, “Do you like it? It’s a dog..” I tell him, gently coaxing him.

He remains silent and folds his arms around his football blanket. Finally after a minute of staring at the new yellow dog blanket – he finally says, “Don’t want dog blankie…. I want my football blankie” while simultaneously hugging the life out of his tattered piece of blue fleece.

Oh dear. How am I supposed to write a review based on this!? How’s this going to work?

Then I realized JP saw the cuddleuppet blanket as a replacement as opposed to an addition.

“Just because you have a new blankie doesn’t mean you have to give away your favorite football blankie..” I explain to him gently. “It just means you have 2 blankies now!”

Then suddenly after I said that, his mood lifted and the cuddleuppet didn’t seem so bad anymore – he slowly worked towards playing with it, and finally – a hug!

Although his blue football blankie will always be number 1, his new friend – “The doggy blankie” is always the blankie he wants when we travel in the car. Isin’t he sweet when he’s alsleep?

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