I wanted to share some updates on my garden this week, but before I could make it back there with my camera –  I wondered why all the leaves on my moon flower plant were carefully snipped away. We received this plant as a cutting from my father-in-law’s garden, and it  was thriving in the small pot we had it in. I loved how it was blooming with these big white flowers.

I knelt down beside it, carefully looking at – puzzled as to what happened. Then I saw it…

What is THAT?!?

He blended right in with the plant, and he was working on having the seed pod for lunch! I still don’t quite know what it was exactly – but very cool to see in your backyard. Anyone have any idea what it is?  Once we had a little frog on our patio table that JP was quick to point out.

Yes, I love taking pictures of critters when we come across them – which is odd for me because I really hate bugs. Somehow, I didn’t mind the frog gracing us with his presence – I even secretly wondered what would happen if I kissed him, but then I realized you need to be a princess first.

Maybe in my next lifetime 🙂

As for the other ‘thing’ I had my husband re-locate him, so we can have a fighting chance at having our moon plant!


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We have these plants as well, and they reseed beautifully if you plant them in the ground. Almost too beautifully, but I’ve pulled up / dug out the plants when they come up where I don’t want them. I also transplant them into areas where I want them, and they thrive pretty darned well. Hummingbird moths love them as well. We also just started keeping bees, and the bees love them, too!


Hi Jayna,

Not sure what kind it is, but that definitely looks like a worm. Reminds me of the kind that used to feast on my Dad’s tomato plants!


The pest eating your moon flower is the horned tomato worm. Although interesting looking, they are rather destructive.


Thanks! I always wondered what that was.. Makes sense because I a tomato plant with no tomatoes!

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