Every so often, JP and I will go out to have lunch – if for nothing else, to change the scenery and do something different. We visited our local Wendy’s to try out their new yummy frosty’s and have some lunch.

Yes, that’s right – instead of offering the ‘just’ chocolate flavor there are a couple of other treats worth looking at. I ended up buying 2 kids meals because JP loves both chicken nuggets and cheeseburgers, plus he gets 2 toys. Sharing works well between us because he eats about half a kids portion!

I love Wendy’s for alot of reasons, but mainly I remember that was the place where you got to squirt yourself little cups of ketchup before you sit down. I know, strange things amused me as a child!

Here’s JP patiently waiting on our order – he can barely see over the counter!

I also got a regular frosty and an Oreo one too.. Deeelish!

I used to love frosty’s when I was little – one of my favorite things was to dip my fries in the frosty.. Yum! It reminds me of being a kid again!

Strange as it might seem, even JP thought it was a good idea and followed suit with his salty little french-fry fingers.

Then I realized I forgot all about my Oreo Frosty!

I passed off the regular chocolate frosty to JP and let him have at it.

He really enjoyed it…. Does it show?

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