Last week, I talked about having a fun kid’s get-together with our friends – and we had a blast! We set up our water bounce house and let 5 little boys under 5 years old take over our backyard for the afternoon. The weather was perfect and all the boys played so well together, none of them wanted to stop for anything!

Needless to say, it was a tough feat to get them to sit and eat something. Eventually, each one had their turn having a quick bite and breather before heading back to bounce and swim. We had a huge table with tons of yummy food – namely the Tombstone pizza that was a HUGE hit! It was an easy thing for the boys to gobble down in between water fights! #GrabSummerFun

Tombstone Pizza

Nestle Drumsticks and Tombstone Pizza

Chocolate and Strawberries

Nestle Drumsticks

That was what was going on inside the house… Take a few steps outside and find little footprints leading to….

Total chaos!!!

…And yes, that would be mine – the one with no bathing suit because it slipped off! Boys 🙂

I only felt like i had a small window of time to snap some photos before they try to spray me! Those water canon’s will give you a head to toe shower! See? not something I’d like to be sprayed with while wielding my camera. I kept low-key 🙂

After we packed it all in and deflated the bounce house, all the boys came inside for that Nestle Drumstick ice cream cone none of them wanted as long as the bounce house was up. It’s so funny how their enthusiasm towards getting ice cream changed after bounce house time was over!

I asked JP to smile and say cheese while he was eating it… I got the million dollar photo!


So, did the grilled pizza turn out? I’d say so! Those of you that don’t have one of those fancy pizza stones will love this. I don’t have one either, because all I use is a cookie sheet, tin foil and discarded coke cans. Here’s how I did it:

First thing, I made a base out of aluminum foil because if it sat directly on the grill, it would burn before it was properly cooked. I used 2 sheets of foil and 3 empty coke cans.

I wrapped it all up into a square base like this…

And put it down on a very hot pre-heated grill.. I put the pizza on the cookie sheet, and placed it on top of the foil base, and closed the cover. I set my timer for 5 minutes to come back and check on it.

~ Five Minutes Later ~

The cheese is a little melted, but it easily needs another 5 to be closer to done. I rotated the pan (very important!) so it cooks evenly, and closed the cover again.

~ Another 5 Minutes Later ~

Much closer to where I need it to be – it’s starting to smell like a pizzeria back here! Time to keep a close eye on it, so I took a spatula and checked the bottom to make sure it wasen’t burned. It was nicely crisp and brown. Perfect!

I took it inside and let it sit for about 5 minutes before I take my pizza cutter to it. This allows the cheese to solidify a little bit , making nice triangle cuts of yummy pizza! I hope you get a chance to try it out this summer! It’s great for when you don’t want to light the oven inside the house in the summertime!

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What a FUN party! My kids would have never left the bounce house either! LOVE the tips on how to grill a pizza. I am stealing that!


We had the same idea to grill our pizza’s! Mine did not turn out near as good as yours did though! lol I will have to give your method a shot next time. What a fun party!

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