This weekend was eventful! It was full of trips to the store, swimming, meeting new friends and most of all, plenty of fun for JP. This weekend we had the opportunity to visit with JP’s friends from pre-school for their first post-school, summer play date. I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing up – my once little infant baby has friends now! How quickly they grow….

Here he is, paddling happily in the pool with this floaters on! He took so well to the water – all he wanted to do was float all over the pool. I was a little scared at first for him, but although he looks alone in this pic, there were many people in the pool around him.

After swimming, we were graciously invited to a lovely BBQ, shared white wine over good conversation and forged new friendships with JP’s friend’s parents while our kiddos played. When we got home, JP was so tired that he face-planted in bed – What a perfect day!

Since we had such a great time, we invited them to come to our house this weekend to share in some summer fun with us. We took a little trip to the store yesterday, to get a few necessities. Before we left the house, JP noticed a little scab on my leg (I over-scratched a bug bite) and insisted that a band-aid was in order, so I let him doctor me up. How sweet!

I checkout the home section when we got there, and found an incredible selection of plastic picnic ware! I LOVE turquoise, so I picked up a few things, because I’ll use these year-round.

Plastic picnic sets from Walmart

I also got some drumsticks ice cream, because who’s heard of a kid’s summer playdate without ice cream?? I found these smaller kid-sized ones I thought would be perfect! #GrabSummerFun

Nestle Lil Drums for kids

Also, we got some frozen Tombstone pizzas – which I planned to cook on my new grill! Grilled pizza can be an amazing way to cook it, if you don’t want to light your oven in the heat of the summer. There’s lots of creative food ideas on this page from Walmart, check it out! I got extra drumsticks, because I know better… These won’t last the week in my freezer!


So this week has barely begun and we are already planning the next big fun weekend. I LOVE this time of year – Summer has finally arrived!

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What a sweetie! My kids love to put band aids on everything…even if it’s just a teeny scratch. 🙂


Looks great! Can’t wait to see how the party goes. Wish we had a pool!


What great fun! I know you guys are going to have so much FUN!


Sounds like you are planning a really fun party!

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