I talked about my garden a little while ago, and I thought I’d share yet another update I have made recently. Now that I got everything planted, fertilized and thriving – I realized I needed some garden markers to know what was what because the little plastic printed ones that came with the plant wasn’t cutting it.

I decided it would be the perfect project for none other than the brand new Painters Paint Markers by Elmer’s.


I found these Elmer’s Painters Paint Markers in the craft department for a bargain 1.97$ when I was out shopping, they had a bunch of different colors!


…And the paint stir sticks were a whopping 28 cents!


All you really need to create this craft is:

DIY Garden Markers using paint stir sticks
  • Elmer's Painters Markers
  • Wooden paint stir sticks
  • Spray paint
  • Spray primer
  • Masking Tape
  1. - Prep each wooden stick with spray primer
  2. - Once they are primed, spray a foundation color of your choice on each stick
  3. - Once that coat is dry, use the masking tape to cover the bottoms of the sticks
  4. - Spray the sticks again with a contrasting color of your choice
  5. - Once they are dry, get creative with the painters makers and doodle away!


Here’s my spray paint setup – a plastic drop cloth held into the ground with garden lights and bounce house stakes!


Then I masked off the bottom of each one so I could add another color.


I had such fun painting these, i did it all while JP was at preschool during the day while I sat on the back patio listening to birds chirping. It was pure therapy, I tell you!!

I wanted a fun, whimsical touch with lots of color for these markers – I am so in love with how they turned out!! Now it’s time to add to the collection becauseI still have a little bit of garden space left…


….I’m thinking pumpkins are next!

Here’s where my garden was before the planting begun:


And here it is now with my garden and garden markers!


I even have a couple of little green strawberries growing!



I can’t wait to finish making more of them!

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Very cute idea!


These are adorable! 🙂 I love how colorful they are! We just made garden markers too–only ours are on rocks! 🙂


Super creative! Love how it add fun and whimsy to your garden!


That is a great idea! I love how you decorated them – very fun!


Those are really cute! What a fun addition to the garden!

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