Sometimes we all need to recharge our batteries. Mine comes about 3pm every day!

So picture this – It’s Friday afternoon, 3:30 PM, and I just finished unloading a tired toddler and bags of groceries before I have to embark on my next task – cooking dinner. Can we say tri-athelon? I make it a point every afternoon to carve out some time for mommy to take a breath- because I’ve learned that when mommy’s burned out and stressed out, it’s no good for anyone!

So this part of my afternoon is what I like to call ‘quiet time’ because this is where I try to put JP down for a nap. I’m usually not very successful, but today I was! Yippee!!! He is so sweet when he’s asleep!


If  I’m not lucky enough for a nap, He still has to do his afternoon quiet time. “Quiet Time” consists of a sippy cup filled with milk, his beloved blankie and a choice of one of his favorite DVD’s – whichever he is in the mood for. Once I have him settled and quiet, this is where I like to put my feet up, have a coffee and indulge in either some email catchup or pinterest pinning. No matter what the activity for me, it ALWAYS includes a coffee somewhere.

So I started to get my coffee ready..

I got some of this  International Delight “Ready Made” iced mocha in the carton  when I was out shopping at Sam’s Club the other day. I found it in the refrigerated dairy section, so JP has been bugging me for some in his sippy cup ever since we bought it because he insists that it’s chocolate milk! ha ha


I poured in the mocha coffee over ice, added a little bit of whipped cream and chocolate syrup just to make it extra special – like it came from the coffee shop!

Ahhhhh.. Now time to indulge!

I love having my afternoon mommy time in my happy place – my back patio!

Can’t forget the brownie bites either!!

It was soooo refreshing! Iced coffee is one of my favorite summer treats! You may follow International Delight on Twitter or Follow them on Facebook.

This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias. All opinions are 100% my own.



Hi, I’m Jayna, a Wylie mom blogger living near Plano, Texas. I’m a Dessert love & recipe maker. Mom to a rowdy little boy. Coffee lover. Beloved wife and creator of Bellabyte Design Studio. Connect with me, I’d love to hear from you!





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I’ve found that quiet time is key to keeping my sanity especially during stressful days. I’ve never tried Iced coffee- unless you count when my coffee gets cold before I can finish it. That does look delicious though!


great images but could not pin them!!! would you please pin them in the ID group board on Pinterest???


TYVM looks like a yummy drink


Yum! The International Delight Iced Coffee is my afternoon pick-me-up as well. I look forward to it every day.

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