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As most of you know, I’ve been talking alot about my being outside and gardening lately – but I haven’t really shown you anything.. Yet!  Lucky for me, the nice folks over at Whitney Farms®  (click and get a 3$ off coupon) sent me both plant food for my vegetable garden in my backyard as well as plant food for my flower garden in my front yard. How nice!! You know what’s even more awesome? It’s 100% organic too!

So I gave the organic plant food a try on my little patch of flowers our front – it came in the form of these easy little granules you spread over your soil, minus the funky odors.

I think my flowers are already happy with it!

When we first moved in this house that we now live in, I inherited a little stoned-in patch of garden that appeared to have been someone else’s vegetable garden at one time. It needed alot of good old fashioned elbow grease to get it back up to snuff – but I’ve finally managed to till up the ground and pull the weeds out. My little buddy even helped in adding some more organic soil!

There it is, in all it’s glory – ready for me to plant some veggies! We planted a bunch of things – tomatoes, potatoes, okra, watermelons, strawberries and even some pumpkins! I think it will be fun to grow our own pumpkins in time for halloween this year. Here’s a shot of my strawberry plants – I’ve already got a bloom!

I think it’s an important lesson for kids to learn that vegetables and fruit come from the ground, and not necessarily only from the grocery store. It’s really been a fun& educational activity to interest my little 3 year old, and a big learning experience for both of us!




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