I really don’t have three  kids – but sometimes, it really feels like I have 2 toddlers and a teenage daughter I never see. Of course, I am referring to my 3 year old son, JP, my 6 year old dog, Cookie and my 11 year old cat, Coquette (french for sexy girl).

Growing up, I didn’t have alot of pets but always longed for one. It didn’t really matter what it was, what was important to me was if they were lovable, warm and cuddly. My first real pet, when I was on my own as a young adult – came to me out of the blue, one crazy Saturday night. It was a rainy 3am, after the nightclubs closed and all the local restaurants and cafes began filling up with people. A single, 22 year old version of me was sitting in a booth at Burger King, with friends re-capping the night’s events while nursing a cup of coffee. The streets were still buzzing with people, and off in the distance I notice an old man with an animal cage going table to table, talking to people. When he approaches our table, and I finally see what is inside the cage. A pair of the most gorgeous vivid green eyes stare back at me…


A long story short, this man was looking to get rid of his cat because he said he couldn’t keep her anymore. Only a year old then, she came with a clean bill of health and papers that said she was spayed. All he wanted was 20 bucks, so I paid him and took the cat home with me. My plan was to temporarily keep her until I could find her a proper home. It all just seemed too weird to me – and I worried about her fate incase she fell into the hands of some weirdo! It turns out I fell in love, and never bothered finding her a home – because she already had one with me. She has been a part of my life ever since!

Meet Cookie, my  hairless chinese crested. I talked about her before, they really don’t make dogs much sweeter than her!

Now that you’ve met my zoo, here’s how our snack time & movie went down… You can view the whole shopping experience here. Be sure to look for the bag that has a 4$ off coupon for the movie “We Bought a Zoo” Also, be sure to check Women’s World and Parade magazine – there’s some Del Monte coupons in there that may be helpful!


Coquette waits patiently by her empty bowl, waiting on a re-fill…


She was a very happy kitty! Purrrrrr

Then of course, Cookie got hers… I let her sniff the bag first before I poured her a bowl.




There were no complaints from Cookie either! Then last but not least, it was JP’s turn for a snack, and we had Del Monte mandarin oranges with whipped topping and a mint leaf.




He really liked it!!

Once all the pets and kid were filled up, we popped in the “We Bought a Zoo” DVD and began watching the cute movie. JP enjoyed seeing the animals interacting with the people, and would call out each species as he recognizes them. He surprises me every day with the crazy stuff he knows!

Here he is sitting in Cookie’s doggy bed, while watching the movie.


This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias #CBias. All opinions are 100% my own.



Hi, I’m Jayna, a Wylie mom blogger living near Plano, Texas. I’m a Dessert love & recipe maker. Mom to a rowdy little boy. Coffee lover. Beloved wife and creator of Bellabyte Design Studio. Connect with me, I’d love to hear from you!





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