Last week I visited IKEA, I couldn’t help but do some instagramming while I was there to pick up the Expedit bookcase.

I ended up coming home with 2 expedit bookcases, a chalkboard/whiteboard easel, chalks and white board markers, a roll of paper, a LACK shelf, fabric for the curtains…. You get the idea, you go there for 1 thing and come home with 10 things!

Anyways – here’s what happened, as told by instagram

Today I’m at IKEA to buy the bookcase for JP’s big boy room. I’m so excited! I LOVE these shopping trips!

One of the first things I see is this fixture I always admired. I want one, I just don’t know where i’d put it!

LACK shelves mounted to the walls in bright red. So modern!

I couldn’t help but spot an old fashioned abacus. This would make a cute decoration & a pop of color for JP’s big boy room

Bright colored, limited edition bookcases with doors

IKEA has a great selection of sleek kitchen fixtures! I would love to have one of those.

I LOVE the Audrey H art they had. It would look great in my living room!

Picked up one of these for JP.. I’m sure he’s gonna love it.. He is getting more and more into art!

Perfect for kids rooms – under the bed storage

Infant play gym.. I love this! This is soo much nicer than the commercially made plastic ones.

You can’t go wrong with a 10$ train set… IKEA has tons of cute wooden toys!

Did you know IKEA carries travel neck rests, umbrellas and travel accessories now?

I love the colorful birds trays

They have the cutest metal bowls in all sizes.. Even teeny tiny ones.. Not sure what to use the little ones for, but still adorable!

..And I HAD to stop and look at their fabric… I love how bright and patterned their textiles are.

On that note.. Can you guess what I’ll be doing next..?


I’m going to attempt making some roman shades….. We’ll see how it turns out!



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YES! That light fixture!! Every time I’m at Ikea I dream about a future home that might have a spot for it! And the wooden toys… the best! We got my daughter the easel for Christmas – just as good as other ones for a fraction of the price. Ikea is our favorite rainy day activity 🙂


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