How was your weekend? Mine was full of painting, driving kids around, superbowl watching and more painting.  Although JP got to spend the weekend with his Granny and Pawpaw, I’m not sure he would have been the biggest problem had he stayed at home. If you own cats or dogs, be sure to keep an eye on them if you’re painting! It didn’t even cross my mind that the cat would come stick her paw in the paint pan. There’s nothing like having kitty paw prints everywhere! Luckily, it washed out pretty quick.. whew, crisis averted!


For my paint, I usually shop at the local Sherwin-Williams because I find the staff really helpful and knowledgable PLUS they help you to your car with the paint cans. I LOVE help like that, especially while I try to wrangle my son!


Some other helpful painting tips:

1 – Wrap the inside of the paint pan with glad press n seal – it works great and makes cleanup a cinch!




2 – Oh my poor trackpad fingers (and forearms) how you throb. Painting can make you feel so out of shape. Just a warning…

3 – Tape the dropcloth to the baseboards so it doesnt shift while you walk around.


4 –  Have baby wipes handy to wipe away any messes, because you will inevitably hit the ceiling or the baseboards with the roller or have a drip accident.


5 – Be sure to do 2 coats. I thought I could get away with one coat, but as I saw this appear, I had to make an emergency trip to the paint store for more paint before they closed.







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Lining the paint pan with Press n Seal is a GREAT tip. Thank you.

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