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One thing I love about spring and summer around the corner, is that I absolutely adore flowers! I love smelling the sweet aroma that fills the air when they are around. My dream is to build a pretty little oasis out in our backyard, one of these days of course…  isin’t this one pretty?

Our house came with a cute little pergola when we purchased it, and I imagined so many different ideas that could be done with it. I’d love to have a little backyard nook, but it will just have to take a number behind the million and one other things I’d like to do around my house.

After visiting, I discovered the many uses for flower bulbs. I used to think that bulbs were only for outdoor use and for people who have gardens. Turns out  you can plant bulbs in pots of all different types – Like this one…


…and these…


Potted flowers seem to be an inexpensive solution for adding multiple levels of ‘pretty’ to your outdoor space. So will I try potting some flowers this summer? Yes. Probably. Plus I want to get one of those cute potting benches for out back! I visited and it offered alot of good insight for someone like me (a.k.a NOT Mrs. Greenthumb) to learn some basics and get started, if growing is what you would like to do. I particularly enjoyed the young mom – because similar to her, I think it’s a great learning activity to do with your kids.

They have an FAQ section, bulb browser and their website is packed with good tips on how to grow a better garden, even if you already have one. visit to learn more

But my favorite is the Garden Guru tool at Curbside Chaos. Basically you select your country, your region and what time of year you would like your flowers to bloom, and it gives you appropriate flower selections for your climate. Easy!


They are also offering a fabulous 5000$ giveaway for a yard makeover in effort to help women learn more about gardening! Visit Curbside Chaos for all the details and submit a picture of your yard for a chance to win. With that, you’ll also win a visit from designer Taniya Nayak for some personalized tips and creative ideas! You’ll recognize her if you watch Restaurant Impossible with chef Irvine.

To get you started with some cute ideas for flower planters, here’s some that I found on pinterest.




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