Been working on starting the whole kid’s room makeover process this weekend. Now it’s all about getting this room painted – which is planned for next weekend. I planned it this way so I can paint without any ‘help’ from the big boy himself! (He will be spending some time at his grandparents house)

I spent a good part of yesterday de-gluing and peeling off the old border, as shown through instagram.

Now it’s all about washing and dusting the walls and baseboards and prep with masking tape. Don’t ask me how I’m going to manage putting masking tape all over my child’s bedroom and expect him to not peel any of it off. Without a doubt, painting this room will be my biggest challenge – but I am determined to have this done without calling in a painter to fix the mess I made!

So I’m about 2 weeks away in getting the bed to arrive. When I tried to order the bed from Target that I originally wanted, there was a hefty 70$ shipping charge when I tried to checkout. Whoops! – For some crazy reason, I thought Target offered free shipping. Anyways, I decided to explore some other options and I found a similar bed that has both great customer reviews and clean lines for..gasp – even cheaper! This one’s from Wal-Mart, with no shipping charge because I opted for site to store instead of shipping. Score!

But I’m holding reservations.. As I write this, I’m becoming more and more uncertain! I’m not sure it’s the best choice, given that it’s only about 89$ worth of savings..

Bed A – 248$ – with shipping to your front door

Bed B 159$ – pick it up yourself

They’re both nice.. *sigh*  Decisions!!!

I also changed my mind with the bed sheets and decided on the robot print sheet set from Land of Nod because they’re just too cute and the colors are perfect.

Next stop – IKEA. Expedit Bookcase, I’m coming for you.




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