So this morning I see JP chewing on something in the corner, and it registers with me that I hadn’t given him anything to eat. My mommy radar kicks in and I run over to him to see what’s in his mouth, because he’s got a proven appetite for making strange and unusual snack choices.

Me: “JP, what are you eating?”
JP: Stops chewing and looks up at me with his big brown eyes. He says nothing.
Me: (Thrusting my hand to his lips) “Ok, well spit it out”
He spits out a small amount of saliva on my fingers
After looking at it closer, I realize its a wad of spit with a tiny booger mixed in. The small nose hair was the dead giveaway. I sigh. OMG Eww.
Me: “JP, did this come from your nose?” I asked him, prepared to explain to him that we shouldn’t eat anything picked from our nose.
JP: “No.”
Me: “Well, where did this come from?”
JP: “My finger.”
LOL – Really, you don’t say!


Hi, I’m Jayna a newborn & baby photographer – (, mom of 2 and a recipe critic. I live in the suburbs of north Dallas near Plano, Texas with my husband of 13 years, our kids and our hairless dog. I love being creative, drinking coffee, pinning on pinterest and whipping up new dessert recipes. Creator of digital backdrops for newborn photographers in the etsy shop Connect with me, I’d love to hear from you!





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