So this morning I see JP chewing on something in the corner, and it registers with me that I hadn’t given him anything to eat. My mommy radar kicks in and I run over to him to see what’s in his mouth, because he’s got a proven appetite for making strange and unusual snack choices.

Me: “JP, what are you eating?”
JP: Stops chewing and looks up at me with his big brown eyes. He says nothing.
Me: (Thrusting my hand to his lips) “Ok, well spit it out”
He spits out a small amount of saliva on my fingers
After looking at it closer, I realize its a wad of spit with a tiny booger mixed in. The small nose hair was the dead giveaway. I sigh. OMG Eww.
Me: “JP, did this come from your nose?” I asked him, prepared to explain to him that we shouldn’t eat anything picked from our nose.
JP: “No.”
Me: “Well, where did this come from?”
JP: “My finger.”
LOL – Really, you don’t say!

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