After many months of developing prints, researching ideas and just plain being creative, I have finally got the opportunity to get featured on Heartsy! For those of you who don’t know what heartsy is, it is basically like groupon – but for etsy sellers!

I am a huge fan of sites like groupon, infact I have a long list I am subscribed to! There’s always some kind of deal on there that I can’t resist…Like for instance, today’s groupon for 2 hours of housecleaning for 40 bucks.. I snapped that one up quick!

But I’m getting off topic. I just wanted to announce my feature today on Heartsy, because i’m sooo excited to be featured on there! But I have to get back to filling my orders cauz my inbox is blowing up!

till next time!



PS: What do you think of the new look?? I’m working on a whole new look to spruce up behind the studio.. Hope it’s easier on the eyes!


Hi, I’m Jayna, a Wylie mom blogger living near Plano, Texas. I’m a Dessert love & recipe maker. Mom to a rowdy little boy. Coffee lover. Beloved wife and creator of Bellabyte Design Studio. Connect with me, I’d love to hear from you!





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