Just look at that little face! How bad could he possibly be?


This morning I caught my beloved little angel adding some custom artwork of his own on my dining room wall with his crayons. A flair for art must be in his genes! I knew this was bound to happen sooner or later, because I kept catching him ‘almost’ and he would squeal with his devilish little scream and run away, like spray paint kids from the cops. Unfortunately for me, today he was quicker.


Ok, not that bad, right? At least it wasn’t this bad (I gasped out loud when I saw that!).. But still, it’s not so easy when you try the conventional paper towel and spray cleaner method (dosen’t work very well on a textured wall like mine, btw). Anywho, a number of different sources from word of mouth told me that magic erasers were the best cure for crayons on the wall, so I decided to give it a try and see how it works.


Here it is, pictured along with the confiscated crayon. I wet the sponge as the directions say, and gave it a good swipe down the crayoned area – it came off like wiping a whiteboard! No elbow grease involved!!



I kept wiping it down, cleaning time took all of 2 minutes!


Magic erasers are truly magic!!


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I like to visit your blog a couple times a week for new entries. I was wondering if you have any other subjects you write about?


I enjoy writing about all things esthetic, and especially day to day mommy things I encounter with my son. I’m a new blogger, so I’m learning as I go.. I’m really glad to hear that you’re a regular! What would you like to see here?


I had to see what your little angel had done. I also keep baby wipes around too, as they help in some of those little artistic adventures. When my oldest was little I used baby wipes to take off the felt pen off hands, legs, face (felt pen applied as makeup). Once in awhile I used on clothes and it took away the mark , gone even after washing.
I always stock up on Mr CLEAN sponges.

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