One of my all time favorite things in the world to do is go fabric shopping – even for no purpose but to just buy it because I thought it was pretty. Nothing excites me more than to find a new place to dig through to see what I can find. For me, it’s like treasure hunting!

It’s always a different experience when shopping brick and mortar stores VS buying fabric online. There is so much that you can’t tell when buying fabric online – how does it feel? Is it flimsy? will it be difficult to sew? Is it a knit? Is it a woven? When I got the idea to write on this subject, I really wanted to put together a post on how to shop for online fabrics (like a guide) when I realized that the subject is so broad because of so many fabric types out there. Instead, here’s a round up of places that best scratch the surface on the topic:

Guide to fibers

Fabric Identification

Fabric Dictionary

Fabric 101

Now about that fabric crush I mentioned… During my research, I came across so many fabric crushes, I couldn’t pick a favorite. Here’s my top 15:


  1. Premier Prints, Inc. – Zig Zag Collection
  2. Metro Living Tiles in black by Robert Kaufman
  3. Feeling Groovy by Michael Miller Fabrics
  4. Pop Garden by Heather Bailey for FreeSpirit Fabrics
  5. Snail Scallop in aqua from the Prince Charming Collection by Tule Pink for Free Spirit
  6. Kenyan Tea Leaf in red by Alexander Henry Fabrics
  7. Mosaic Stretch Jersey Knit Fabric White
  8. Dandelions Circles
  9. Polka ~ Anika ORGANIC
  10. Pocket Book Tangerine Nicey Jane Collection by Heather Bailey for FreeSpirit
  11. Jessica Jones FABRIC Home Decor Outside Oslo
  12. Fandango Castanet in gold by Kate Spain for Moda Fabric
  13. Hugs and Kisses Pink and Lime
  14. Anna Griffin Fifi & Fido Fabric Herringbone Blue and Green
  15. Jennifer Paganelli FABRIC Poodle Marnie













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Gorgeous choices! Love how you compiled the collage – very pretty. I’m a fan of #5 and #10 especially!

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