Mine can’t.. At least, not yet! But I give him every opportunity to learn through playing, and in my opinion it’s never too early to start. JP loves reading books, it’s one of his favorite things to do. So naturally I thought the tag reader junior from leap frog would be great toy for him. Basically its a little hand held device (durable) that reads the pictures as you scan it over them and says it aloud. It doesn’t always say the same thing either, so it keeps it unexpected and holds his attention. The only drawback is that it only works with the special leap frog books made specifically for it.

Made perfectly for little hands…


JP examining which shape he wants to hover over


I couldn’t help but giggle when he hovered the reader over the shapes, and would repeat what the reader announces. “Oval” says the reader as he passes over it… “Owal” he repeats. Then “Square” the reader says. “skare” says JP proudly as he looks at me with a big smile.

I LOVE these moments!



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