As most mommies out there, I bet most of you have plenty of these boxes laying around..


I have grown tired of breaking these down for the recycle bin, especially when I could always use an extra storage bin! These boxes are nice and sturdy, so I thought it would make a good toy box for JP. To make it more palatable for my living room, I decided to cover mine with leftover fabric I used for my dining room curtains.

First, I cut all the flaps off with a large pair of scissors


Then I measured each panel, and added 2 inches to each side. So if yours measures 20″ x 10″, you will need to cut a piece that is 22″ x 12″. The extra fabric is needed to fold over, so you have nice, neat edges. I made fabric panels for both the inside and outside of the box.


Using the iron, press out the 1″ allowance on each side of the panels, so they are sharp and crisp.


Once you have nice, neat fabric rectangles with folded edges, you can begin hot-gluing the panels to the box. If I had my time back, I would have painted the box white, because the you can still see some of the red huggies box beneath the fabric.




Mommy’s little helper 😛


Once I had all the fabric glued on, then I finished some of the seams with some black ribbon, just to add some dimension.



See the Huggies shining through? *sigh* I should have painted the box underneath white. Oh well, you can learn from my mistake!


Here it is in action! Cleeeenup time!


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Thanks for this idea! I have so many diaper boxes just waiting around till I found something useful for them. Now I know what to do with them and all the extra fabric I have leftover from other crafts.

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